March 27th, 2017
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Most people know they should see their dentist to protect the health of their teeth. But it’s a good bet that most are not thinking of the health of their gums when they schedule that cleaning and exam. When you see your dentist to have your teeth cleaned, you are, at the same time, preventing gum problems that could ultimately lead to the loss of all your teeth. Here’s a few points you should know about the health of your gums.

  1. Your usual maintenance – regular cleaning and exams – are as much for your gums as your teeth. Brushing helps remove each day’s buildup of bacteria on the teeth but not all of it. The remaining bacteria hardens into calculus, the hard deposit your dental hygienist scrapes off during your cleaning. If this calculus is allowed to remain, not only does it result in cavities, it causes gums to recede and separate from the teeth. When there are spaces between your teeth and your gums, bacteria collects. Eventually, gum infections begin to develop and when they become chronic, teeth start to become loose and can be lost.
  2. Bad breath can have many causes, but a common one is gum infections. When those pockets form, food matter and bacteria can accumulate there, causing local infections. Even if they don’t hurt, these pockets of infection can cause unpleasant smells which your breath will carry out of your body.
  3. Did you know that chronic gum infections are associated with heart disease? The exact relationship is not yet known, but when one occurs, the other tends to show up. Keeping your gums healthy is a smart way to protect your overall health.
  4. You can actually injure your gums by brushing too hard or using a hard toothbrush. Use a soft or very soft toothbrush and brush in a gentle, circular motion. Continue for two full minutes and don’t forget the teeth all the way in the back.
  5. Flossing is a critically important part of caring for your gums. Wrap the floss around each tooth in a “C” shape and move it up and down at least three times. While you’re removing food particles that may be stuck between the teeth, you’re also scraping away plaque deposits that your toothbrush may not reach.

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