about dr. wright

Dr. Wright is living proof that it is never too late to pursue your dreams. After becoming a certified dental assistant in 1973, then working as an oral surgery tech for 23 years, Dr. Wright went back to school to become a dentist.

She attended Indiana University and received her Doctorate of Dentistry. She loves the opportunity to meet and help new people.

Dr. Wright enjoys a variety of activities in her free time, including showing her horses and volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America. She also loves spending time with her family, sons Quinn and Ty, and grandchildren Hailey and Liam.

Both of Dr. Wright’s sons grew up in Scouting and are both Eagle Scouts. Even though her sons are now grown, she has continued to volunteer with the Boy Scouts. She loves the camaraderie and spirit of the people she meets in Scouting, not to mention the joy of getting to work with the kids. She was recently honored by the Boy Scouts of America Crossroads of America Council. She was presented the Silver Beaver Award, the highest award a Council can give a volunteer. Another of the Council’s Silver Beaver honorees this year was Senator Richard Lugar.

From April through November every year Dr. Wright loves to travel to horse shows to show her two American Saddlebred geldings. She has loved horses since she was a small child. “I just never out grew it!” she says. Her horses are trained at Flat Rock Creek Farms in Fortville.

Because she raised two sons, it is a special treat for her to spend time with her five year old granddaughter, Hailey. Dr. Wright’s home sunroom serves as a playroom and houses a ride on horse that whinnies and shakes his tail, a fancy doll house complete with and RV and horses, and many other toys and dolls. Dr. Wright says that to play there with Hailey makes her feel like a kid again.

Dr. Wright has been a member of Trinity Lutheran Church for seventeen years, since she came to Indiana. Her sons both attended Trinity’s preschool through grade 8 school. Hailey is now enrolled there as well. Hopefully grandson Liam will attend when he is old enough. Dr. Wright sees a future for him in Boy Scouts too!


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